Wild Stone Arts™ Hoodies

Coming soon in August 2013!



Wild Stone Arts™ Hoodies

Now available!
Five years in the making! Our first product is a lined, reversible hoodie with zippered pockets that literally wraps you in Earth energy. The hoodie shell is 65% hemp and 35% recycled polyester. Machine wash in cold water. (Click on My Images to learn more about the rock patterns used in the hoodie.)

Our product development is guided by two principles:

Here are pictures of the first sample, based on an image we took at Akilia Island, Greenland.

These hoodies are not only remarkably comfortable . . . they are also truly comforting. Put one on, and it’s like being hugged by your hoodie!

“Fashion with a purpose”—to offer you garments that have value and meaning, imbued with the ancient stone energy
“Bring the jobs back home”—to support domestic enterprise, we purchase materials and manufacture the hoodies here in the U.S. It takes 11 companies to make the hoodies! When you purchase this garment, you’re not just buying a hoodie; you’re also investing in your country!