Finding Ourselves in the Origins of the Planet | by L. Sue Baugh

(Includes Timelines of Earth poster & booklet along with a bonus CD of additional images)

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Find Yourself in the Origins of the Earth

Echoes of Earth documents some of the world’s oldest rock and mineral sites in Western Australia, Greenland, NW Canada, and the United States. With stunning photographs and powerful literary imagery, the author blends science and art, the personal and universal to reveal the intimate connection between Earth’s long history and our human bodies. Ancient minerals lie deep in our bones, ancient life within our cells. As the title suggests, we are all echoes of Earth.

Echos of Earth Timelines

Timelines of Earth

The timelines presented in Echoes of Earth, shift the reader’s perspective by first showing the typical view where the first 4 billion years is minimized and then showing the full view where, for the first time, the reader gets to see the full story of Earth’s development, the partnership of ancient minerals and ancient life that built our current world and made complex life possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the approach that drives the design?

This is the first time anyone has put all these sites into one volume, presenting their geologic importance, their sheer beauty and power, and their link to our own bodies.

How did we accomplish this purpose?

Through the layouts—foldouts, half pages, and die cuts–shifting readers’ perspectives from our ego-centric view of nature to the true relationship and dependence we have on everything that sustains us.

What will the reader get out of it?

Connecting the importance of the oldest minerals and rocks to our new understanding of Earth’s history—they are the memory keepers

Giving people a brief history of Earth’s geologic development

Linking our human bodies to the long history of Earth

Providing a unique comparison of timelines to show what a narrow view we have of the planet’s story, which gave rise to us.